A few days ago I found myself lying in bed at mid-day, my face pressed against a large window that runs along my bed. Admittedly hung-over, I slowly began to focus on the gum trees that broadly line my street and provide a much-appreciated shelter to my little apartment. I noticed how, although it is still the height of summer, a few of the leaves were starting to yellow as though prematurely preparing for the shift to autumn.

I thought about how much I adore these trees that always seem so lifeless through winter but never fail to surprise me with new buds come spring. Then I thought about the birds nesting in those trees, and the colours of the autumn leaves. I soon found myself listing all my small joys in life – my old pair of Docs that have supported me nearly every day for the past three years; the daily migration of the fruit bats in Centennial park; discovering new music; building IKEA furniture.

I realised that, although at the time of writing this on the 13th February 2017 the world feels especially volatile, even more unstable and chaotic than usual, there is still some good.

This blog is about appreciating these true joys in life – especially Music, Art, Film, Individuality, Creativity and Beauty. Because when times seem at their worst, these are the things that will keep us going.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated. I’d love for you guys to also get involved and help make this a platform where we can share our new creative discoveries or old loves with other like-minded folk.

My name is Naomi Janes, you can learn more about who I am in the ‘About Me’ page of this blog.